Steempix® x Steem

Steempix allows you to easily upload, link and share your images on the Web. But thats not all, we've gone the extra mile to making sure you get paid for uploading too. We are currently testing integrations with Steem; a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community. Now you don't just share your moments with us, you also earn from your photos by pushing to steem (steemit - a social network that pays its community).

How are you different from the other apps? Steempix has you in mind, that is why we won't let you fend for yourself outhere. All the photos you upload on Steempix and have pushed to Steem (Steemit) will be published on your behalf by Steempix and curated under the tag #steempix. The reason for this is that we believe that growing a single account overtime yields for better rewards. The higher ranked the steempix account and tag gets, the more visibility your post gets and that translates into better interaction and earnings. Over time, we may have to create more power accounts as the userbase grows to level the playing field. You are also allowed to resteem using your own personal accounts. That is why we are not requesting your posting key. Also, the balance of the account will be public information and displayed on the platform.

How do i get paid? Every photo you upload is tracked and its weekly potential payout is displayed on the site.

How do i upvote the post on Steem Once published on Steem (Steemit), a live link to the photo is generated. Please note that commenting on Steempix using our discus comment box doesn't translate into a steem comment/post. You will have to do that by following the live link.

When is payday? Weekly

How do i know what i've earned? We will collate all the earnings from all your photos and display them on your profile as your balance. The figures showed are what you are liable to withdraw.

State of App Well, we are currently in beta and are extensively testing out all these awesomeness, you can leave us a message in the contacts section if you've got any conmments/suggestions.

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